Food Allergy Management and Prevention
Support Tool for Infants and Toddlers

FAMP-IT Clinician Support Tool

What is FAMP-IT?

FAMP-it is a tool designed to help guide pediatricians and other primary care providers in the prevention and management of food allergy in infants and toddlers. This tool has three main resources:

  1. Information consistent with the most up to date guidelines and literature
  2. EMR templates for documentation of allergy-related issues
  3. Patient education resources for clinicians to distribute to families

How the website tool is organized

The website is organized into 4 topics:

Early Food Introduction
Management of IgE-Mediated Allergies
Information on Non-IgE Mediated Allergies

Each section includes information on the most up-to-date guidelines as well as resources for clinicians to provide to patients.

Each section also has resources for use in the electronic medical record, both for provider documentation and decision making, as well as family education material. You can copy and paste any of the relevant sections it into your own EMR system to use during patient visits. These can be found under the icons at the top of every section.

Source of our content

The information provided here is consistent with the NIAID Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States, the NIAID Addendum Guidelines for the Prevention of Peanut Allergy in the United States and the 2019 Report from the AAP on development of atopic disease. Each section also contains references from relevant literature that is regularly updated to ensure accurate guidance.

The FAMP IT was developed by the MGHfC Food Allergy Prevention Program and is funded by a grant from the National Peanut Board/USDA.