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Support Tool for Infants and Toddlers

For Eczema

Eczema History:

This text can be used in the patient history to document how the patient’s family manages and treats the patient’s eczema. You can copy and paste it into your EMR system to use during well-child visits or follow up appointments.

The patient [HAS/HAS NOT] not been prescribed topical steroids. If so, they are [LIST STEROIDS WITH POTENCY AND FORMULATION)]. The patient uses it [INSERT AMOUNT PER DAY] a day and needs it [INSERT FREQUENCY/MONTH] month. Other skincare regimen consists of [INSERT SKINCARE REGIMEN – INCLUDE MOISTURIZATION AND OTHER MEDS, SUCH AS CALCINEURIN INHIBITOR]. Eczema has been complicated by [CHOOSE ONE OR MORE: NONE, HYPOPIGMENTATION, SCARRING, SUPER INFECTION, NEED FOR ORAL STEROIDS, NEED FOR ORAL ANTIBIOTICS, NEED FOR ORAL ACYCLOVIR]. The caregiver [DOES/DOES NOT] wash his/her/their hands before applying topical creams and/or ointments.


Eczema Management Techniques

These sections contain the same information as in the PDF handouts throughout this section, but are formatted for easier placement within EMR systems to place in after visit patient handouts.

General Skincare:

Apply moisturizer at least daily, especially within 3 minutes after bathing to lock in the moisture. Waiting too long after bathing can dry out your child’s skin. Make sure to wash your hands before applying the moisturizer, as you want to avoid trapping any allergens or germs that may be on your hands against your child’s skin. Use moisturizers that are fragrance-free and dye-free, as they will be less irritating on your child’s skin.

Eczema Management:

Soak and Seal Method

Give your child a bath in lukewarm water with gentle cleansers. After getting out of the bath, gently pat (do not rub) off water using a towel and leave the skin slightly damp. Apply any topical steroids or treatment to the skin. Apply moisturizer all over the body, within 3 minutes, and wait for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin before putting on clothes.

Steroid Use

Topical steroids are effective in the treatment of eczema. If topical steroids are needed, apply 1-2 times a day for 7 days on active lesions and continue application for 2-3 days after eczema lesions have resolved. Make sure to use less strong steroids on the face.

Wet Wraps

Wet wrap therapy can be useful for tougher to manage eczema. After getting out of the bath and applying moisturizers, moisten clean cloth/gauze and wrap the affected areas. Cover the wet wraps with dry covers and leave overnight.